Lean Agile Coach


Snappet is looking for a Lean Agile Coach. Will you join our team? 

Help improve the learning results of children: that’s what we aim for at Snappet. We develop smart software that enables teachers and children to get the best results. On a daily basis our software is used in over 3500 schools across Europe and the USA and is used by more than 300.000 students. We strive to deliver continuous improvement of our products to support all these schools and students.

As a Lean Agile Coach, you will be part of one or two development teams. Each team consists of 5 to 8 team members, developing and innovating their own areas of our platform. You will be supporting the team to improve and learn to become high performing. At the same time, you will be working on broader improvements within the Agile Guild, collaborating with others in the Agile Guild group.

You will be part of the exciting Engineering Department that everyday strives to live up to its values: Purposefulness, Excellence, Commitment, Collaboration and Playfulness. 

A day in the life of a Lean Agile Coach at Snappet

It is 9:30 in the morning and after finishing the remote Daily of your team, you call one of the coaches to prepare a facilitation format for her upcoming Planning session. Together you also check the data of our team health scans to see if our latest feedback experiments have shown an effect on the results.

It’s lunch time! Your other team decided to meet at the office today. It is a lovely day to go for a walk in Utrecht and have lunch together. During the last team retrospective it came up that everyone is willing to make an effort to see each other in real life at least every week. It helps that we can interact with each other more on a personal level.

After lunch we have the bi-weekly Agile Leadership meeting. During this meeting, we as coaches collaborate with Engineering leadership to solve department wide impediments. Time to get some coffee and later, you have a call with one of the developers to coach him on his personal growth using the Ecocycle Planning structure. He lets you know that these sessions have helped him focus on the activities which help him reach his personal goals.

After your session, you start an Epic retrospective as the Epic your team has been working on has just moved to done. You are excited about facilitating this session with stakeholders and team members, you believe that it will support transparency and empathy within the organization.

Before signing off for the day, you walk through the mural you will be using in the next Facilitators community meetup. You have read about a new format to resolve conflict and would like to try it out in a safe environment.


The ideal candidate:

  • Has experience working full time as a Scrum Master or Agile Coach in a product development organization.
  • Can demonstrate experience with and knowledge of various Agile/Lean values, principles, frameworks and practices.
  • Has knowledge of agile frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban and can work with the team to help them choose what works best for them.
  • Can adjust between different stances of a Scrum Master (like teaching, coaching, mentoring, facilitating) and decide which is most effective for the situation at hand.
  • Knows what it takes and is motivated to enable product development teams in reaching their full potential.
  • Is curious and always open to learn. You do not hold back asking questions, sharing your struggles and looking for creative alternatives to overcome impediments.
  • Lives in The Netherlands (or planning to move), which makes it easy to be in the Utrecht-based office.

We also appreciate if you:

  • Have individual coaching experience. 
  • Speak at or attend Agile or software development conferences.
  • Are active in the Agile/Scrum community.
  • Gained or are willing to attain certificates like the PSM2 or PSK.
  • Have experience with running remote and hybrid interactive sessions.
  • Have experience working with software engineers in an international environment.

What we offer:

  • An employment contract with part-time options (32 hours or more).
  • Competitive salary.
  • A training budget to develop your skills and knowledge.
  • Plenty of room for your own input.
  • Working in an international environment with colleagues from the Netherlands, Brazil, Ukraine and Spain, among others.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Monthly pizza sessions to share knowledge or personal stories.
  • A workspace in our office right next to Utrecht central station.
  • A team of three other Lean Agile Coaches that supports your growth.
  • Regular companywide (online) events to stay connected with your colleagues.

If you have any questions regarding this vacancy, please email to: HR@snappet.org

We are looking for new colleagues to join our team at Snappet, this job opening is not an invitation for acquisition.